5-Minutes with Jessie

Nickname: Jessie

AKA: @malibuddah

Describe your job… I am a yoga teacher and a travel blogger. When in Malibu I spend my time teaching yoga. I love having the opportunity to connect with people on the mat and guide them through a practice.

How did you get into blogging/social media? I got into blogging and social media very organically. I have always been a passionate traveler and when I started my instagram account I noticed that other people seemed to take an interest when I was traveling. I created my travel blog as a way to highlight my traveling and show a more intimate account of what I love in each destination.

Take us through your typical day: I wake up very early and go for an excersize class. Either Pilates or boxing. Then I typically do either my own yoga practice or at my local studio. After practice I always have a green juice or smoothie with lots of supplements. I teach usually one or two private yoga classes and then one at my studio. I love to end the day with either a hike or a surf depending on the water. I just love being outdoors at the end of the day. My boyfriend and I are addicted to sushi so you can usually find us at Sugar Fish for dinner.

The ocean makes you feel… Anytime I’m in the ocean I feel so spiritually connected. I am always completely present and in awe of the worlds natural beauty. It’s really a form of meditation for me.

If you weren’t teaching yoga what would you be doing? If I wasn’t a yoga teacher I would be reporter. I love writing and learning about the world. I hope to one day incorporate more of that into my blog.

What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you? One thing that people wouldn’t know about me is that I graduated from UCLA and received two masters’ degrees in International Relations and International Communications. I’m kind of a book worm and I love to learn.

Favourite travel destination? My favorite travel destination is always Kauai. I feel so inspired and at ease while on the Island. My heart is at peace in Hanalei. Bali is a close second to Kauai. I always leave Bali feeling very inspired and energized.

Who inspires you?  I am incredibly inspired by my sisters and the beautiful mothers they have become. I love watching them grow into strong positive role models for their children and radiate pure love.

Favourite Instagram moment? My favorite instagram moment was traveling to Bali and connecting with the girls of Beachgold Bali. It was so cool to travel across the world and meet these women in real life and be so welcomed by them. In that moment I really understood the power of social media.

What are the 5 things you pack when you go traveling that you can’t live without? A plethora of bikinis, sunscreen, my GoPro, a great book & yoga clothes.

Parting words of advice…. My best advice is to always follow your heart no matter how many people try to deter you. The heart will never lead you astray.