5-Minutes with Whitney 

AKA: Whit / whitkizzl – my OG insta name

Describe your job… It really depends which job you’re referring to! As far as my website goes, my job involves promoting brands and businesses online. But, not just any brands. Only my favourites

What are you thoughts on blogging/social media? One of my best friends is a fashion blogger, and she actually made me download Instagram one day while we were at Bondi beach. I had no idea how to use it! After showing me the ropes I became completely hooked and loved the idea of having a portfolio where I could share images of the things I loved most with like minded folks. The concept of it being a ‘job’ only dawned on me once I started getting approached by brands to promote for them.

Take us through your typical day: Wake up. Have a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Jump in the ocean – rain, hail, or shine. Shower. Coffee. Emails. BREAK! Brunch. More emails. Skipping. LUNCH. Content creation. Photos. Editing. More emails.. This is a pretty vicious cycle and one I imagine to seem less exciting the more I go on…

The ocean makes you feel… Small, but alive.

If you weren’t a _____ what would you be doing? I like to call myself a ‘logger’ because the term Blogger has become a tad overused. Plus, I log my travels more than I blog about them. If I wasn’t ‘Logging’? Well, I suppose I would still be doing it in one way or another. I would still be traveling and probably working on something else creative – either a brand, some form of design, or even music. It’s hard to say really when you just go with the flow haha. One thing I can say for sure is that I am not an office person!

What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you? Hmmm… Probably that my next project involves a 6’4” Blank. When I was a kid my Uncle shaped surfboards in our backyard. I always wanted to help and learned the hard way not to go barefoot in an area where fibreglass was being used. I’m hoping to be more successful in the art of shaping surfboards than I am in the art of riding them.

Favourite travel destination? This is a tough one. I travel so frequently to Bali it would only be natural to call it my favourite travel destination. However, I love California, I fell in love with Ibiza, and Mexico’s West Coast will always have a piece of my heart. Unfortunately, those places just aren’t so conveniently located.

Who inspires you?  My mummy! Aside from her, there isn’t one single person or thing, I draw inspiration from my surroundings. It also depends on which element of my life I am aspiring to improve.

Favourite Instagram moment? When I discovered Ed Sheeran had an Instagram account. You have no idea the excitement that came over me. I was in full fan mode. I have to say, though, I was less enthused by his actual content. #ThinkingOutLoud

What are the 5 things you pack when you go traveling that you can’t live without? Cleanser. Moisturiser. Bikini. Denim… Is it bad that I’m tossing up between my toothbrush or shoes?!

Parting words of advice…. Life is what you make it – don’t ever be ashamed of the way you want to lead your life. I guarantee the person you think is judging you is secretly envious of your freedom to choose your own path.