Beachgold's Sustained Ability

Fashion Revolution Week dawns upon us as the industry is pushed and pulled from all angles in response to an inherent need of evolving toward a more responsible future. We would like to take this opportunity to launch our own chapter of our Sustained Ability.

A chapter which seeks to connect, engage and most importantly share our activities behind the scenes, the stories accumulated from thread to garment and our principles and values which guide our every which step since our family business was born over 20 years ago on our island home of Bali.

Beachgold Bali Women's Resortwear

Our Sustained Ability is what allows us to continue our operations day by day, year by year. It is what harnesses our steady growth. It is the parameters and boundaries in which we comfortably allow ourselves to occupy. It is the way in which we have engrained practices of ‘Slow Fashion’ in our core modus operandi.

Beachgold Bali Fashion Revolution Week

We are humble enough to know the path we tread is a dynamic and evolving journey of constant self-improvement. We take full responsibility for our own impact within our own operations, and we most notably realize of course this is not the easy way but it is the only way.

This week we wish to express an ode to the artisans of Indonesia. The backbone of our creations are handmade, hand printed, hand woven and hand sown. Each and every garment or accessory we provide is entirely unique and the product of love, time and attention. Our supply chain includes cooperative groups such as dye-houses and sewing collectives we have formed and grown together since the beginning.

Beachgold Slow and Ethical Fashion produced in Bali

Our home-grown roots in Indonesia have nurtured community at the heart of our activities. We have harnessed a traditional cottage industry based upon a village cooperative structure. What this means is we have allowed for a shared growth model to flourish amongst all we work together with. As our family operated venture expands as do the benefits for our extended Beachgold team and community.

We are thrilled for this next chapter of Beachgold and we extend a warm welcome for you to join us along the way…

Beachgold Women's Resortwear produced in Bali