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Sending our collection abroad to be shot for our Indian Summer campaign, we put our trust in the hands of some incredibly talented ladies in the field. Michaela from Bali Starz approached us to be apart of the Wild Girls Tour – with exotic destinations in mind such as the Kimberly’s and India, we couldn’t resist. Amberly Valentine is an amazing photographer and guided the dream team to produce some jaw-droppingly beautiful images. Bringing things together in new locations and only having a rough idea of settings to shoot in, it took a big group effort to pull this off. Stylist Minna Attala was having to style the shoot amongst the chaos of the busy streets of Jaipur, the Thar Desert and dealing with an outdoor studio that was constantly changing. The team pulled it off seemlessly. Model Tora Flink was in her element and loved the opportunity to shoot with camels, cows, atop of buildings and any situation that Amberly put her in. Here’s some behind the scenes images from this trip to Jaipur…


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