California dreaming; A day in Encinitas

The air feels crisp as first light appears over the horizon. There seems to be a break in the weather. El Nino has hit America with full force this year, bringing some much needed rain to the West Coast. But, for as much rain, there has been sunshine. This is after all California. Where the winter’s are mild and the summer’s everlasting… Encinitas, a small-surf city half an hour North of San Diego is no different. It’s home to a quaint coastline laden with world class waves, a melting pot of cultures with a predominantly Mexi-Cali influence that lures in people from all over the country.

During our visit to Encinitas over the Christmas break we were lucky enough to team up with the gorgeous Alden Steimle and photographer extraordinaire Taryn Kent. The duo took us to some of their favourite hot-spots around town. Here’s a look at what we got up to…

Plant-lovers beware. If you aren’t familiar with some of the flora and fauna in Southern California, it’ll leave you going ga-ga. From Eucalyptus trees to Cacti plants as big as houses, the infamous California Palm trees and native palms like the ones above, there’s something for everyone.

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A visit to the states isn’t complete without an Acai bowl. Although these popular items have hit the world by storm, the battle of the bowls continues with different cafes having their own version of these deliciously, healthy treats. Alden let us in on a little secret from her favourite bowl spot in Encinitas – Mozy’s Cafe. “Add a peanut butter ball on top, you can’t go wrong!  And while you’re at it, take one of their Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies to go”.

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One thing that didn’t surprise us about Encinitas is the amount of plant shops doted around town (noted above plant hysteria). A quick stroll from Mozy’s found us oogling over succulents, palms and funky painted pot-plants, that can all be bought for a surprisingly reasonable price. We couldn’t resist buying a little succulent to remind us of our outing. Happy to say it now sits comfortably in photographer Taryn’s house in Leucadia.

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Whilst mid-morning yawns crept in we made our way to another hot-spot, Lofty’s Cafe, to sip on almond mylk coffees, watch the traffic go by and soak up some much needed Californian sunshine.

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As the old saying goes “you never know what’s around the corner”. Checking out the space at Lofty’s we stumbled across these painted barrels by the restrooms. Definitely worthy of a photo or two. Sometimes you find beauty in the most surprising places…

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A quick stroll down the 101 will leave you sure to find some quirky trinkets. Bustling with Mexican inspired cafes and shops, it wasn’t long before we stumbled across this quaint shop adorned with MexiCali decorations that were way too cute not to photograph.

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No trip to Encinitas is complete without a dip in the ocean and a visit to the infamous Swami’s beach. The wave was named after Paramahansa (Swami) Yogananda, the monk who created the Self Realization Centre that sits on the cliff above the surf break. With one of the best look out points along the coast, this popular beach attracts tourists, locals and surfers of all kinds.

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Our escapade around town came to a short but sweet close. As Alden made her way back to L.A. and Taryn geared up for her day ahead, there was a new found appreciation for this loveable beach-town. As we all know, if you’re ever going to explore a new City, it’s always best to do it with locals. We couldn’t be more thankful to Taryn and Alden for showing us some of their favourite nooks of beautiful Encinitas.

Photography: Taryn Kent

Model: Alden Steimle

Production: Lara Flax