Life is what you make it…

She’s studied naturopathy, web design and creative writing, to name a few. She’s also an avid musician, social media enthusiast, traveller and blogger with impeccable taste and a great eye. Meet Whitney Kaye. Self confessed Career Gypsy. This gorgeous, long-limbed, body-to-die for Aussie gal takes everything in her stride and doesn’t shy at new opportunities to learn and grow.

Whitney grew up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney with her ‘muso’-wave riding parents. The youngest of 4 in a tight-knit family she spends a lot of time traveling to Indonesia to not only holiday but to visit her parents who are based here. They recently became part owners of the well-known Fat Ma’s Café at the infamous Lakey Peak surf break in Sumbawa and have spent the better part of a year doing the place up. For who haven’t travelled to or spent any time in Lakey Peak, this quaint café is everyone’s saving grace!

It’s no wonder that Whitney doesn’t have eyes for one career path, as it seems to run in the family. Her sights are set on moving to Bali in the near future to enjoy the “warmer weather, cheap beers and to turn her business dreams into realities.”

At the moment, Whitney is keeping busy with her blog and social media endeavours, amongst juggling other things. Unlike most in the social media circus, it’s been a natural progression into the spotlight. Her posts are creative, interesting, refreshingly honest and simply beautiful. Feet in the ground and heads in the clouds, this entrepreneur isn’t short of creative ideas, influence and enthusiasm. We caught up with Whitney in our store recently as she approaches the launch of her DEBRIEF features for her Exdreamist Blog. With the festive season around the corner Whitney has hand selected some of her favourite brands to feature on her site to inspire some gift ideas, spread some Christmas cheer and stick to doing what she loves – expressing, creating, sharing and having a good time amongst the chaos of it all.

Social media isn’t slowing down and to be honest, we’re excited to have girls like Whitney in the mix. Enough of gaining followers from the amount of skin you bare, it’s time to support and follow girls that stay true to their roots. We’re not saying that some bikini-bod inspo shots aren’t warranted on the feed. This is funnily enough partly how Whitney’s bestie and social media mogul Natasha Oakley gained much of her traction with A Bikini A Day. But what sets these girls apart is their ability to keep it real. Well, as real as social media can be. Whitney’s gorgeous partner @katokatoworld features regularly on her feed, with their frequent trips to his home town of New Zealand giving us some serious travel-envy but posts like how to combat acne scarring may follow this. It seems like there’s a push in this direction with social media. Sharing the good, the bad and the “ugly”. With focus on all the good, social media can create an intangible façade and false reality. Whitney however is on the ‘real life’ bandwagon and we’re excited to be along for the ride!

Here’s some of Whitney’s favourite Beachgold picks for this festive season.

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