On Sound Branding with Nindy Noto

As many of you may already know for our Summer Eden campaign we collaborated with Indonesian based sound branding collective Sonic Selections to produce our first campaign playlist. 

Visit our Spotify playlist here

We sat down with Sonic Selections Founder and Cultural Events coordinator, Nindy Noto, to learn a little more about sound branding and why brands should now turn to audio assets to increase recognition and awareness.

What is sound branding?
It is essentially brand development and communication through the use of music. When a brand puts out a playlist for their customers, they are revealing another layer of their identity.

Sonic Selections aids in curating these playlists. This enables a brand to extend themselves outwards in a newfound way. These sonic playlists represent their identity values.

What makes a playlist?
A collection of tracks assembled together to reflect a common theme. Whether that theme touches on a certain feeling, or is to be used in a particular setting, or to encourage a relevant tone – it all depends upon the initial intention of the playlist itself.

A trained ear with a knack for crafting an emotive response is able to concoct a recipe to enable a certain atmosphere to occur.
An atmosphere is a frequency. A frequency expresses a gravitational pull and we are vibrational beings after all.

How does it work?
The process first depends upon setting the parameters and revealing the intention. Background research on the company is carried out and a definitive sound guideline is developed. Once this has been approved, I delve into the activity of finding and including the right tracks. This is based upon years of immersing myself in discovering new tracks. 

Traveling has provided ample opportunities for connecting with a wide cross section of musical genres. Musical exposure has also come about through festivals too. I am an avid festival goer and have been producing cultural music festivals in Indonesia for over 7 years.

After songs have been organized, compiled and streamlined - then comes the integration part to blend all the edges together. This can take a while as it is the crux of the curation component.

Top 3 songs?
It’s always tough to choose your all time favorite songs but right now “Rose Rouge” by Jorja Smith is on repeat. “Do For Love” by Tupac is a timeless classic. “Terrapin” by Bonobo is a magical track that never ceases to soothe the soul.

Why is sound an avenue for brands to explore?
The sonic element to a brand is the next step within the evolution and natural progression of lifestyle companies. It is the equivalent of a Pinterest moodboard only communicated through sound instead. It is connected to our senses, whilst we activate them in a newfound way.

This expands horizons, as not only do company teams connect with their mission uniquely– this endeavor simultaneously invites others to join in along the way. A multi-sensory experience is where this path is heading.

In Image 1 Nindy wears the Jerry Top and Betty Skirt set in Paisley Chic, in image 2 the Jackie Top in White Cotton and Cici Short in Canopy Cactus and in image 3 the Sienna Dress in Harlow Honey.