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Her footsteps leave a trail in the sand behind her. They are the only ones in sight. The long, white-sand stretch of beach spans as far as the eye can see. Green hues amass the rolling hills above. Jagged rocks have been smoothed by the winds that have been blowing a gust on the shore. Sparkles of crystals, smokey quartz, salt-rock and more, glisten from the boulders. Some are like hidden treasures, waiting to be found. She traces her hand along the crystals, gasping at their raw, natural beauty. White wash crashes against the cluster of rocks, sending water shooting up into the sky. Flies swarm and stick to any bit of moisture. Unfortunately, her body seems to be a fitting place for them to land. As the sun beats down from the sky, a strong breeze whips sand into her face and her ears bringing with it fresh, cool air. She exhales, wipes a bead of sweat from her forehead while swatting away a buzzing fly. The cool breeze is a saviour from the blistering midday heat. The waves are big and ferocious, closing out along the shoreline. She takes refuge in the rock pools, finding ones nuzzled in between rock formations and the oncoming sets. She dives in and quickly jumps up, out of breath from the chilly water. The sea is beaming with life. Small fish play in the shallows as a crab tucks itself under the rock edge. Seaweed sways with the current and the ocean bubbles, rich with oxygen. She lays back and looks up at the bright blue sky. It’s almost like sitting at the edge of the earth, so far removed from the rest of the world she could be on the other side of the moon. In deep isolation, this is where she feels most alive. Surrounded by the elements, rocked by nature’s beauty and at peace with what is…







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