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BLOG — Beachgold

Browse our blog page to keep up to date with any inside information, new collection news and collaboration with bloggers as well as our CSR program.

Other side of the Moon

Her footsteps leave a trail in the sand behind her. They are the only ones in sight. The long, white-sand stretch of beach spans as far as the eye can see. Green hues amass the rolling hills above. Jagged rocks have been smoothed by the winds that have been blowing a gust on the shore. Sparkles of crystals, smokey quartz, salt-rock and more, glisten from the boulders. Some are like hidden treasures, waiting to be found. She traces her hand along the crystals, gasping at their raw, natural beauty. White wash crashes against the cluster of rocks, sending water shooting up into the sky. Flies swarm and stick to any bit of moisture. Unfortunately, her body seems to be a...
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Our Indian Summer Campaign

Drawing on inspiration from India for our latest collection, we were beyond thrilled to shoot our campaign there. Apart of the Wild Girls Tour, our dreams came to life. Whisked away to the rolling deserts of Jaipur, the collection was shot amidst the Blue city, with camels as props and majestic Indian temples as backdrops. A mix of colours, textures and a setting that brings this collection to life, we present to you our 2016/17 collection ‘Indian Summer’.  Production: Michaela Bali Starz Photography: Amberly Valentine Model: Tora Flink Stylist: Minna Attala
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Desert Dreaming

When we create our collections, we like to envision the types of locations our pieces will be worn in. Shooting our campaigns in remote and exotic locations has always been a goal of ours and a realm Beachgold is stepping more and more into. We want to create a story, a mood, a visual diary and take you with us for the journey. Call it escapism, a little bit of a day dreaming or another creative outlet. For this shoot, Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia was the destination of choice and we couldn’t have been more excited to see our pieces amongst the red Australia desert landscape. Model Bridget Flint and photographer Amberley Valentine set off with stylist ____...
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