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BLOG — California

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Festival Season

The oncoming summer in America, also means the start of festival season. Kicking off the year with the highly photographed Coachella, the event is always an incredible showcase of fashion, style, music and fun! One of our favourite It-Girl’s, Alden Steimle stayed at the Foray Collective house while attending the event. Here’s a few snaps of her in some Beachgold pieces amongst the chaos of Weekend 1…. Alden wears our Rico Sana Pant. Alden wears our Leela Jumpsuit Kalil. Alden wears our Kalia Maxi Masai. See more from Alden here.
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Afternoon strolls with Francesca

We’ve been paying homage to sunrises and sunsets since the beginning of time. There’s something majestic and beautiful about the sun as it disappears for another day. Whether you find yourself in Western Australia or the West Coast of California, the sunsets will rarely disappoint. Francesca took us for an afternoon stroll in her hometown, as the sun shone in all her glory, turning it on for that golden hour… Francesca wears the Kalia Maxi in White. Photography by MelissaMontoyaPhotography.
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Desert Nights with Naila

As everyone head off to the Desert for a weekend at Coachella, our feeds were flooded with images from bloggers, celebrities and musicians. No doubt about it, the Who’s who attended Coachella and it all looks like they had one hell of a time! But the event doesn’t stop there. Brands and companies have created quite the buzz by hosting parties and having A-list clientele attend. With all the hype and time spent at these events, it’s no wonder our girl Naila, took some time out to slow things down and get back to nature. The setting of Palm Springs is incredible – rolling hills surround the desert flats with sky-high palm trees. It’s picturesque, beautiful and well, when dusk...
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On the Road

Typically, we tend to associate “Dawn Patrol’s” with hunting waves in the early hours. On our trip to California this past winter, our 3am wake up call was instead in search of fresh snow. A quick 3 hour drive from Encinitas, we were graced by the sun rising on the mountains, fresh snow fall and butterflies of excitement. Thanks Big Bear for showing us your true colours and providing us Island-bunnies with some fresh powder! Those quintessential postcards lined with palm-trees, blue skies and sunsets that light the sky on fire are a Californian image we all know far too well. Catching the sun go down was something we tried not to miss on our travels but you know, life....
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5-Minutes with Alden 

Nickname: Lil Koala, Aldie… most my friends call me babe (we’re all on that train aren’t we?). AKA: @aldensteimle Describe your job… My job is more of an adventure, with crazy ups and downs, last minute trips, and no guarantee for the future. Modeling has been a whirlwind to say the least, and it has made me a much stronger and driven person than I ever thought I could be. I have to be extremely flexible in my career and therefore, flexible my daily life. It’s very hard to plan personal things, as jobs and castings tend to come up last minute. It’s taken me quite a while to surrender and let things happen as they are meant to. I...
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California dreaming; A day in Encinitas

The air feels crisp as first light appears over the horizon. There seems to be a break in the weather. El Nino has hit America with full force this year, bringing some much needed rain to the West Coast. But, for as much rain, there has been sunshine. This is after all California. Where the winter’s are mild and the summer’s everlasting… Encinitas, a small-surf city half an hour North of San Diego is no different. It’s home to a quaint coastline laden with world class waves, a melting pot of cultures with a predominantly Mexi-Cali influence that lures in people from all over the country. During our visit to Encinitas over the Christmas break we were lucky enough to...
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Naila in Vogue shows us how it’s done

Naila is one dynamic lady! Hailing from Lebanon in the Middle East where Naila was born and raised her upbringing was anything but ordinary. With war on her doorstep, Naila’s mother made the brave move to Dubai to start afresh. Her time spent here opened up her eyes to a world of possibilities, her dreams and sights being set on California – the lifestyle, beaches, fashion and food appealing to all of her senses. After some hard work and a lot of determination, Naila eventually moved and settled in Los Angeles. Here she has found the perfect balance of work and play – her blog is her canvas where she is able to paint and create the landscapes she’s always dreamed of....
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