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BLOG — Fashion

Browse our blog page to keep up to date with any inside information, new collection news and collaboration with bloggers as well as our CSR program.

5-minutes with Chloe Chapman

Chloe Chapman is a force to be reckoned with. This bubbly beauty can be seen anywhere from Bali to Sydney, LA to Fiji. But don’t be fooled, although she is a global jet setter, Chloe always manages to live by the “work hard, play hard” motto. With just the right balance, Chloe’s mix of work includes being the founder of internationally recognised bikini label Aloe Swimwear, an ambassador for health and wellness brands (Nike, Fiji Water to name a few), modeling and social media influencer all whilst having some fun in the making! A multi-tasking, fun-loving, hard-working woman, Chloe has created a life that she loves and inspires others to do the same. We’ve been lucky enough to crossed paths...
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Festival Season

The oncoming summer in America, also means the start of festival season. Kicking off the year with the highly photographed Coachella, the event is always an incredible showcase of fashion, style, music and fun! One of our favourite It-Girl’s, Alden Steimle stayed at the Foray Collective house while attending the event. Here’s a few snaps of her in some Beachgold pieces amongst the chaos of Weekend 1…. Alden wears our Rico Sana Pant. Alden wears our Leela Jumpsuit Kalil. Alden wears our Kalia Maxi Masai. See more from Alden here.
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Behind the Scenes in Jaipur

Sending our collection abroad to be shot for our Indian Summer campaign, we put our trust in the hands of some incredibly talented ladies in the field. Michaela from Bali Starz approached us to be apart of the Wild Girls Tour – with exotic destinations in mind such as the Kimberly’s and India, we couldn’t resist. Amberly Valentine is an amazing photographer and guided the dream team to produce some jaw-droppingly beautiful images. Bringing things together in new locations and only having a rough idea of settings to shoot in, it took a big group effort to pull this off. Stylist Minna Attala was having to style the shoot amongst the chaos of the busy streets of Jaipur, the Thar Desert...
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Afternoon strolls with Francesca

We’ve been paying homage to sunrises and sunsets since the beginning of time. There’s something majestic and beautiful about the sun as it disappears for another day. Whether you find yourself in Western Australia or the West Coast of California, the sunsets will rarely disappoint. Francesca took us for an afternoon stroll in her hometown, as the sun shone in all her glory, turning it on for that golden hour… Francesca wears the Kalia Maxi in White. Photography by MelissaMontoyaPhotography.
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We love the We-like girls

There’s no doubt about it, We-like Bali. Sharing our love for our island home is the creative duo behind this incredible blog, Pris and Eve. Our salty-island babes spend most of their time in the ocean, testing out new cafes, soaking up the sun, catching up with friends and exploring all the nooks and crannies of our backyard. Lucky for us, Pris and Eve are two of the most like-able girls in town and some of our besties! So, naturally, we take any chance we can to put them in some pieces and let them work their magic. Here’s a few snaps doing what the girls do best – having a good time! Pris and Eve both wear the Kenna...
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Eryn on the road

Traveling is on the top on our agenda when it comes to holiday time and we know it is for most of you too. But, that age old dilemma of packing sensibly can still bite us in the behind. We’ve all been there right? At the check in counter, with our check in bags being over weight and hand carry… Well, let’s hope the check in lady doesn’t notice the size of that bag! But like anything, with time, we like to think that we’re finally wising up to the old packing game. One of the ways we helped overcome this hurdle is by making versatile pieces that can be worn beach, city, day and night, with the right styling....
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Desert Nights with Naila

As everyone head off to the Desert for a weekend at Coachella, our feeds were flooded with images from bloggers, celebrities and musicians. No doubt about it, the Who’s who attended Coachella and it all looks like they had one hell of a time! But the event doesn’t stop there. Brands and companies have created quite the buzz by hosting parties and having A-list clientele attend. With all the hype and time spent at these events, it’s no wonder our girl Naila, took some time out to slow things down and get back to nature. The setting of Palm Springs is incredible – rolling hills surround the desert flats with sky-high palm trees. It’s picturesque, beautiful and well, when dusk...
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California dreaming; A day in Encinitas

The air feels crisp as first light appears over the horizon. There seems to be a break in the weather. El Nino has hit America with full force this year, bringing some much needed rain to the West Coast. But, for as much rain, there has been sunshine. This is after all California. Where the winter’s are mild and the summer’s everlasting… Encinitas, a small-surf city half an hour North of San Diego is no different. It’s home to a quaint coastline laden with world class waves, a melting pot of cultures with a predominantly Mexi-Cali influence that lures in people from all over the country. During our visit to Encinitas over the Christmas break we were lucky enough to...
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