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BLOG — Interviews

Browse our blog page to keep up to date with any inside information, new collection news and collaboration with bloggers as well as our CSR program.

5-Minutes with Chelsea Kauai

Her photos will make you want to quit your day job. The life she lives will inspire you to travel more and often. Her drive for exploring nature and immersing herself in the unknown is something that might challenge your beliefs and fears… Meet Chelsea Yamase, also known as Chelsea Kauai. An Instagram sensation and what some may call an “influencer”. But, there is more to this beauty than meets the eye. Behind the picturesque scenery, the beautiful landscapes and the ever-changing backdrop is a humble, intelligent, humorous, caring and adventurous soul sharing her creativity, knowledge and love for nature. A lover of heights, fearless in the open ocean, a graceful slack liner, deep thinker, old-soul and a woman who...
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5-minutes with Chloe Chapman

Chloe Chapman is a force to be reckoned with. This bubbly beauty can be seen anywhere from Bali to Sydney, LA to Fiji. But don’t be fooled, although she is a global jet setter, Chloe always manages to live by the “work hard, play hard” motto. With just the right balance, Chloe’s mix of work includes being the founder of internationally recognised bikini label Aloe Swimwear, an ambassador for health and wellness brands (Nike, Fiji Water to name a few), modeling and social media influencer all whilst having some fun in the making! A multi-tasking, fun-loving, hard-working woman, Chloe has created a life that she loves and inspires others to do the same. We’ve been lucky enough to crossed paths...
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5-Minutes with Lisa-Marie

Name: Lisa-Marie Bosbach / Lieschen AKA: Lieschen Are you named after Elvis Preseley’s daughter Lisa-Marie? Yes, my parents read the newspaper and chose it from me. Where is home? Wowelshirchen, a small town near Cologne, Germany. What’s the best thing about it? It’s nice and homely and that my family lives there How would you best describe your character? Spontaneous, always open for new things and adventures. How do your friends describe you? Reliable and genuine friend, energetic, modest, always happy and sometimes a bit crazy How many times have you been to Australia? Twice. Both times I extended my stay because I love it there! Did you come specifically for modeling? Yes but I got the opportunity to travel around...
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5-Minutes with Alden 

Nickname: Lil Koala, Aldie… most my friends call me babe (we’re all on that train aren’t we?). AKA: @aldensteimle Describe your job… My job is more of an adventure, with crazy ups and downs, last minute trips, and no guarantee for the future. Modeling has been a whirlwind to say the least, and it has made me a much stronger and driven person than I ever thought I could be. I have to be extremely flexible in my career and therefore, flexible my daily life. It’s very hard to plan personal things, as jobs and castings tend to come up last minute. It’s taken me quite a while to surrender and let things happen as they are meant to. I...
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5-Minutes with Whitney 

AKA: Whit / whitkizzl – my OG insta name Describe your job… It really depends which job you’re referring to! As far as my website goes, my job involves promoting brands and businesses online. But, not just any brands. Only my favourites What are you thoughts on blogging/social media? One of my best friends is a fashion blogger, and she actually made me download Instagram one day while we were at Bondi beach. I had no idea how to use it! After showing me the ropes I became completely hooked and loved the idea of having a portfolio where I could share images of the things I loved most with like minded folks. The concept of it being a ‘job’ only dawned...
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5-Minutes with Brooklyn

Nickname: B Describe your job… I am a freelance photographer/designer/creative based in Haleiwa, Hawaii! How did you get into blogging/social media? It all came quite naturally, as a photographer/creative, it is all part of the job. I never meant for my social media to be such a big part of my job, but I’m so glad it evolved naturally that way because it’s been a blast! Take us through your typical day: I wake up in the jungle but first, coffee. Coffee talk with my girl friends is super critical to start my days, get inspired, catch up on the latest. Then off to a photo shoot or to my studio to work on the project of the moment! Hopefully an evening surf...
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5-Minutes with Ariel

AKA: Cultoflee Describe your job… I used to be the co-CEO and creative director of a tech startup in the music industry. I sold it to a Fortune 500 company, ran it for a year, and ended up leaving Los Angeles to travel. Right now I’m pursuing the spiritual path full-time, via yoga, meditation, and energetic healing. Sometimes I do branding consultation on the side, and work on creative projects like this kimono collaboration with Beachgold; What are you thoughts on blogging/social media? I started taking Instagram more seriously after they featured me as a suggested user. It’s an incredible creative outlet and network that’s allowed me to meet some really beautiful people around the world. Now I use it as a platform to share some...
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Bali-baby and beauty Allegra Carpenter in her element

Allegra Carpenter is a force to be reckoned with. An internationally recognized model by the time she was 17 years old, she had spent much of her life traveling, living and working all over the globe. Half-Dutch, Half-American, she spent her younger years living and learning on our island home of Bali. Relocating to Perth in Western Australia to complete high school, Allegra was snapped up by the local modeling agencies, spending her teenage years juggling school and life in front of the camera. A big fish in a small pond, it wasn’t long before she decided to pursue the opportunities on offer in America. Although her successful modeling career continues to grow and flourish, Allegra’s heart has always been...
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5-Minutes with Allegra

Nickname: Legs AKA: Allegra_Dewi Describe your job… I work together with creative people in a range of industries, from fashion to commercials and film & TV. Where is home? Bali! What are you thoughts on blogging/social media? It’s a new creative outlet to share ideas that both inspire and enthuse me! Take us through your typical day: The key for me is to get on the road feeling refreshed, healthy, and glowing. I follow a pretty disciplined skin regimen, starting with the basics- keeping my skin moisturized and protected from the sun! Once I’m out the door I’m either on my way to a shoot or to a meeting around Los Angeles. Because I drive a lot, I like to make sure...
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5-Minutes with Grace 

AKA: Shotbygrace Describe your job… I work as a professional photographer, covering a few fields such as travel, fashion & weddings. I recently finished up working as an assistant with celebrity fashion photographer Todd Barry, which was a wonderful experience learning from one of the worlds best photographers in the fashion industry. Now I’m purely focused on building my own business! How did you get into blogging/social media? I begun blogging since late last year after meeting my travel buddy Liss, who really taught me the importance of social media. Since collaborating with her as a travel team, social media has been the reason behind all our travel work and sponsorship. It’s such a great tool to use everyday as a creative person/business owner,...
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