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BLOG — Travel

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Roman Holiday Spring 2018

 Beachgold’s Spring 2018 Collection ‘Roman Holiday’ takes us on journey to Ischia, Italy.Inspired by the 50’s, this collection celebrates the style of this era with flirty dresses, layered skirts, classic pants and versatile tops.
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5-Minutes with Chelsea Kauai

Her photos will make you want to quit your day job. The life she lives will inspire you to travel more and often. Her drive for exploring nature and immersing herself in the unknown is something that might challenge your beliefs and fears… Meet Chelsea Yamase, also known as Chelsea Kauai. An Instagram sensation and what some may call an “influencer”. But, there is more to this beauty than meets the eye. Behind the picturesque scenery, the beautiful landscapes and the ever-changing backdrop is a humble, intelligent, humorous, caring and adventurous soul sharing her creativity, knowledge and love for nature. A lover of heights, fearless in the open ocean, a graceful slack liner, deep thinker, old-soul and a woman who...
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Miami Heat

Welcome to Miami… And welcomed we were! Once a year brands flock to the state of Florida to showcase their latest collections, attend social events and fashion shows and let’s face it, gallivant in all of the beautiful hotels that line the strip of South Beach. Beachgold was apart of the Miami Swim Show this year for our second year in a row. We spent the week in and out of our showroom whilst spending our afternoons and nights catching the shows and attending some social events. One thing is for sure – they don’t call it Miami heat for nothing. July brings scorching temperatures to the East Coast, lucky we found solace in pieces from our breezy summer collection....
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Find yourself in Flores…

You can’t help but feel like you have arrived in the land before time. Sailing through crystal-clear waters, surrounded by rolling hills with small fishing villages dotting the shoreline. A mere 1-hour flight from Bali and 15-minute drive to the port and you have arrived in this haven… Flores is one of the biggest islands in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara – NTT). The doorstep to the infamous Komodo Islands, this chain of the Lesser Sunda is brimming with marine life. Best navigated by boat, we jumped aboard the Le Pirate Explorer to soak up a weekend of pure bliss. Joining two of our favourite Bali babes from We-like Bali,  Aussie-beauty Lucette Romy & the marketing...
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Other side of the Moon

Her footsteps leave a trail in the sand behind her. They are the only ones in sight. The long, white-sand stretch of beach spans as far as the eye can see. Green hues amass the rolling hills above. Jagged rocks have been smoothed by the winds that have been blowing a gust on the shore. Sparkles of crystals, smokey quartz, salt-rock and more, glisten from the boulders. Some are like hidden treasures, waiting to be found. She traces her hand along the crystals, gasping at their raw, natural beauty. White wash crashes against the cluster of rocks, sending water shooting up into the sky. Flies swarm and stick to any bit of moisture. Unfortunately, her body seems to be a...
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Summersite X Beachgold

When the weather gets wild in the South of Western Australia, it’s time to hibernate or do as the locals do and head North. The crew behind The Lagoon Collective teamed up with Summersite and did just that… A trip Down South turned into a trip up North, which turned into a moody shoot amongst the desert and alongside the ocean with top-model Lisa-Marie Bosbach. Take a look below at the raw-beauty of Kalbarri, Lisa and our latest Indian Summer collection… All photography by Tim Swallow for The Lagoon Collective X Summersite. All pieces available online on Beachgold.
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Chasing Waterfalls

She’s a traveler, lover of life and has impeccable style to say the least. Jetsetting around the globe, Whitney always packs some Beachgold pieces to take along for the ride. Her recent trip to Fiji has been nothing short of amazing. Soaking up the sunshine at the incredible beaches and chasing waterfalls, here’s Whitney in our Chilli Dress. Whitney wears our Chilli Dress Plain. Follow Whitney’s travels here.
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Behind the Scenes in Jaipur

Sending our collection abroad to be shot for our Indian Summer campaign, we put our trust in the hands of some incredibly talented ladies in the field. Michaela from Bali Starz approached us to be apart of the Wild Girls Tour – with exotic destinations in mind such as the Kimberly’s and India, we couldn’t resist. Amberly Valentine is an amazing photographer and guided the dream team to produce some jaw-droppingly beautiful images. Bringing things together in new locations and only having a rough idea of settings to shoot in, it took a big group effort to pull this off. Stylist Minna Attala was having to style the shoot amongst the chaos of the busy streets of Jaipur, the Thar Desert...
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Are Our Day Dreams A Shared Dream Instead?

At Beachgold, we often catch ourselves spiralling off into the abyss when in search of extra stimulation, motivation or even just simple contemplation. For some particular reason unbeknownst to us, we tend to find ourselves trailblazing the same figment of imagination. Yes, we have indeed been practicing to cultivate the discipline of living mindfully within the present moment, resetting our old systems and patterns of abuse, as we aim to skilfully transform our reactive states into proactive initiatives. These day dreams though, we just can’t seem to shake them. They have us drifting into such a calming, soothing and inspiring space. We are taken far far away to a secluded tropical island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, with long, white...
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On the Road

Typically, we tend to associate “Dawn Patrol’s” with hunting waves in the early hours. On our trip to California this past winter, our 3am wake up call was instead in search of fresh snow. A quick 3 hour drive from Encinitas, we were graced by the sun rising on the mountains, fresh snow fall and butterflies of excitement. Thanks Big Bear for showing us your true colours and providing us Island-bunnies with some fresh powder! Those quintessential postcards lined with palm-trees, blue skies and sunsets that light the sky on fire are a Californian image we all know far too well. Catching the sun go down was something we tried not to miss on our travels but you know, life....
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