The Brooklyn of Hawaii


In awe and in love with the photos that Brooklyn captured of Malia, Beachgold decided to team up with our favourite beach-blanket brand Frankie’s Life for Brooklyn’s recent trip to the Maldive Islands. Staying at the beautiful Shangri-La Brooklyn and her boyfriend island-hopped, deep-sea explored, frolicked in the sun, played on waves, boats and other water toys and soaked up the good life on this tropical oasis amongst the Indian Ocean. Capturing some beautiful imagery from this island getaway, Brooklyn isn’t just a dynamo behind the lens she is also one in front of it. Take a look at the Hawaiian beauty that is Brooklyn…

From the looks of Brooklyn’s Instagram and website this girl can be seen anywhere from her island home to the shores of Tahiti, the Maldives and other travel hot spots. A girl with a zest for life, a lover of the ocean and all things tropical amongst her long-list of creative talents, we can’t wait to see what other places and stories Brooklyn takes us on!