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5-Minutes with Mahina

We’re so happy to have linked up with Mahina while she was on the island, with so much at her fingertips we expect to continue to see this bold & beautiful woman gracing the fashion and surf world by storm. Read below for our exclusive interview with Mahina… Nickname: My younger Brother and Sister call me “Tt” which basically means big sister. My best friends call me “Hina.” AKA: @mahinagarcia Describe your job… Its kind of hard to describe being a “Model” with out sounding self centerd..The best way I can describe my job.. I get to travel around the world giving me the opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, see many different cultures and most importantly collaborate with incredibly...
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Cult of Lee X Beachgold Kimono

The collaboration with Ariel to create this Limited Edition Kimono has been one of pure joy. Ariel’s eye for detail, passion and zest for life and go-getter attitude is something that has inspired us. From the girl behind the vision, here is her insight into the collaboration; “This piece is a passion project for me. It’s a symbol of my own inward and outward journey, a union of that which I have experienced and the places I have traveled to. I collaborated with Beachgold, my favorite resort wear brand, to make something that resonated with me on all levels. The process of creation was a humbling and beautiful experience, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to manifest a personal...
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5-Minutes with Jessie

Nickname: Jessie AKA: @malibuddah Describe your job… I am a yoga teacher and a travel blogger. When in Malibu I spend my time teaching yoga. I love having the opportunity to connect with people on the mat and guide them through a practice. How did you get into blogging/social media? I got into blogging and social media very organically. I have always been a passionate traveler and when I started my instagram account I noticed that other people seemed to take an interest when I was traveling. I created my travel blog as a way to highlight my traveling and show a more intimate account of what I love in each destination. Take us through your typical day: I wake up very...
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Naila in Vogue shows us how it’s done

Naila is one dynamic lady! Hailing from Lebanon in the Middle East where Naila was born and raised her upbringing was anything but ordinary. With war on her doorstep, Naila’s mother made the brave move to Dubai to start afresh. Her time spent here opened up her eyes to a world of possibilities, her dreams and sights being set on California – the lifestyle, beaches, fashion and food appealing to all of her senses. After some hard work and a lot of determination, Naila eventually moved and settled in Los Angeles. Here she has found the perfect balance of work and play – her blog is her canvas where she is able to paint and create the landscapes she’s always dreamed of....
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Californian Malibuddah on her recent trip to Bali

The universe works in weird and wonderful ways and we think making a connection with Malibu-native Jessie Schlossmann (@malibuddah) was one of these moments. We had been following Jessie on Instagram for a few months and absolutely adored everything about her. From her fun, down-to-earth, honest nature to her love for travel, a healthy lifestyle and daily yoga practice. It just so happened that when we reached out to see if Jessie would be interested in collaborating with us that she was planning her trip to Bali! We took this is a sure sign that our paths were meant to cross and met up with the gorgeous Californian bombshell to talk all things yoga, travel, fashion and of course sipped on...
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The Brooklyn of Hawaii

In awe and in love with the photos that Brooklyn captured of Malia, Beachgold decided to team up with our favourite beach-blanket brand Frankie’s Life for Brooklyn’s recent trip to the Maldive Islands. Staying at the beautiful Shangri-La Brooklyn and her boyfriend island-hopped, deep-sea explored, frolicked in the sun, played on waves, boats and other water toys and soaked up the good life on this tropical oasis amongst the Indian Ocean. Capturing some beautiful imagery from this island getaway, Brooklyn isn’t just a dynamo behind the lens she is also one in front of it. Take a look at the Hawaiian beauty that is Brooklyn… From the looks of Brooklyn’s Instagram and website this girl can be seen anywhere from her...
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