Drawing on the inspiration of colourful Latino countries with vibrant architecture and cultural energetic influences – Havana Nights celebrates the love of life, dance and 50’s fashion. The city is alive and bustling - vintage cars parked on every corner, children playing on the sidewalk as street vendors sell fruit from their stands. Think scenes from the movie Dirty Dancing - flirty dresses, cropped tops & playful skirts. Imagery from this campaign was shot in Los Angeles, at a Latin inspired home in the hills of Hollywood. With a dream team of beauty Juliana Herz, photographed by David Gerry and filmed by Sean Benik - step back in time as we take you to tropical nights spent wondering the music filled streets of Havana…

Photography: David Gerry
Videographer: Sean Benik      
Model: Juli Herzz                    
Location: The Villa Sophia            
Hair: Anthony Pecoraro
Make-up: Ivonne Hive
Stylist: Savanna Chino 
Production: Lara Flax