Our home-grown roots in Indonesia have nurtured community at the heart of our operations. We have developed a traditional cottage industry based upon a village cooperative structure. What this means is we have created and valued a shared growth model amongst all that contribute to our production and operations. As our family operated venture expands as does the benefits for our Beachgold team.

We are a relatively small production facility whereby we support 30 full time team members. Our team members have a vested interest, are stakeholders of the company and majority have been with us for over 15 years. The Beachgold team is network based and has assembled over time in a true village manner. We now provide employment opportunities to the next generation of our first employees. Over time, we have provided micro-financing to our team members to enable growth and support within their own independent ventures. This includes managing their own production facilities whether that be a sewing collective or a dye-house. We have been very happy to observe the process of our team members evolving from employees into humble business owners.

The development of a Beachgold garment is a handmade process from start to finish. Each garment is handmade from the screen-printing and dye-house process to sewing, checking and packaging. The company hires predominantly women and showcases an indiscriminate and diverse workplace. New prints are created drawing creative inspiration from our travels and sourcing insight from books, antique prints, trend alerts and our Beachgold archives.

Once a print is decided upon, digital artwork is created and converted into a film-screen for printing. From this, the film-screen is taken to our dye house where we will commence our colour swatch process. The dye house will mix colours and present swatches to our design team. The chosen swatches are then laid out to assist in the visualization of the finished collection. Design of styles occurs alongside this process with sample pieces being created, fit and revised where needed.

"Beachgold's network of suppliers are all based in Bali and are located within an 80-kilometre radius of our facility in Seminyak."

Each print created is unique to Beachgold and entirely hand printed taking two technicians to pull the screen across the fabric. Once fabric has been printed, our Beachgold factory approves and distributes through our co-operative business network for garments to be hand cut and sewn. Embellishments such as our signature gold pineapple logo, buttons, hand-made tassels, lace, sequins and beads added to each garment. The pieces are checked by our quality control team, packaged and then packed ready for shipment.

Our cross-cultural dynamics come to life in more ways than one as we embody the slogan of the Indonesian Archipelago, ‘Unity in Diversity’. A true East meets West, fusion of worlds and mix of times is evident throughout the Beachgold operational lifecycle. Our contemporary designs honor the hand-made process that is involved in each unique garment we produce. Our print work is designed in mind to pay homage to the art of the manual and laborious print house process of screen printing.

We predominantly hire women throughout our operations yet our facility is indiscriminate in hiring and boasts a culturally diverse workplace.